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     Volume 5, Number 8 July 31, 2005     

EAA Radio Reaching Out Beyond Oshkosh

EAA Radio personality "Magneto Mel" Futrell (behind desk) interviews Lauren Sturgeon (left) about her experiences at EAA AirVenture 2005, as her father "Radial Rob" Sturgeon awaits his turn at the mic. Photo by Dave Higdon

One way to stay abreast of whats happening at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 is to listen to EAA Radio, at 1210 on the AM dial. But that service is fairly low power, and doesnt reach far beyond Wittman Regional Airport. Recognizing that EAA members from far and wide who cant be here this year still want to learn about the latest developments, EAA Radios staff is making their broadcasts available on the Web. To listen to the streaming audio from EAA Radio, browse to

One feature of the EAA Radio website is a section allowing listeners to report from where theyre listening to the broadcasts. Amazingly, EAA members and aviation enthusiasts from all over the world who cant be here in person have "tuned in" to listen. And each hour brings more.

Below is a summary of the comments and the worldwide locations being reached by EAA Radio.

Where are you listening to EAA Radio?

I am listening to EAA radio in Dothan, Alabama. Ive been an EAA member since 1989. My father is the lucky one and is at AirVenture while I work and listen.J. Wilkes, EAA #335924

Listening from Sykesville, Maryland. I am enjoying it...its almost like being there...I can close my eyes and see it. Thanks guys.G. Coker, EAA #289806

Auckland, New Zealand - I have been tuning into EAA Radio late eveningsearly morning your timeall week (catch some sleep) then tune back again for the afternoon air show. (We are 17 hours ahead of OSHKOSH.) I visited EAA Oshkosh back in 1979, spent a week at the show; I had never seen so many aircraft at one place at one time. I plan to revisit again in 2006 and I know many changes have taken place in the last 26 years. Looking forward to AirVenture 2006. Regards to all at EAA Radio.B. Howard

Im listening from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Id rather be there! The air show is going on right as Im writing! Im going back to school to become a pilot because of AirVenture! Maybe someday Ill be performing there myself! See you Saturday!K. Dempze

We are listening in Pittsburgh, PA. We attended AirVenture earlier this week, took a flight on the Ford Tri-Motor and witnessed the landing of White Knight.J. Savage

Im listening to EAA Radio from Dallas, Texas. My CFI is up there, as he is every year. I bet he landed EXACTLY on his dot!K.J. Blankenburg

Its 1740 hrs NZST Friday 29th. Im at Papakura, New Zealand. Some of my friends are over there (with the Seawind). Hope its all going well for you.P. Evans

Queenstown, New Zealand, RV-6, getting ready for painting.M. Evans

We are listening via the Web from our tent in the EAA campgrounds. Way to go with streaming the audio for us.B. Styve, Iowa

From Scaled Composites in Mojave, California.S. Sherman

Hendersonville, Tennessee, is the best place to listen to OSHKOSH radio except for actually being there. Keep up the good work. U guys are GREAT!B. Kinney #569316

Im listening to EAA Radio from the Web in Jamsa, FinlandM. Hoyla

I am listening from Temecula, California, a long way from OSH. I am 1465.2 nautical miles WSW Initial true course: 255 but right there in spirit. Keep up the good work EAA!J. Sanders

Layton, Utah - Sadly this is the first Oshkosh in many, many years we have missed. If we lay on the grass, close our eyes and listen to the air show, its almost like being there! Thanks to all.D. & L. Milliken

Greetings from Tal Afar, Iraq. Duty called so this year I get to listen to all the fun and excitement. Boy I sure do miss being there. There is always next year, along with a whole new showcase of stuff that I will have a much deeper appreciation for. Thank you on behalf of everyone around the world, for bringing Oshkosh to all of us. Number 23 on the list to-do after I get home is to order my very own Zenith CH-640 and get started on it. Maybe I can order it by the end of October. THANK YOU EAA!!!!!!!! Cpt. D. Peterson, MITT-1st BDE, US Army, Tal Afar, Iraq

Tucson, Arizona - Have been to AirVenture many times, but my job keeps me away this year. I appreciate being able to participate at some level: have listened to the air shows, Harrison Ford, and Steve Fossett. Now, if you could just get the smell of a Rolls-Royce Merlin onto the Web, youd really have something!P. Thomas

Melbourne, AustraliaR. Taylor

Lakewood, Ohio - I have enjoyed listening to you this morning. My aircraft partner and I arrived at AirVenture on Sunday and left on Wednesday. Neither of us wanted to leave, but duty calls. You are helping to extend the vacation. Thanks and keep up the good work.R.E. Metelko


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